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Friday, September 22, 2006

Anne Braunsweig (Hummingbirds, or almost!)

Here is the second mail art I receive from Anne Braunsweig, Alburquerque, USA. For the first one she told me she got confused and sent me her mail art for the Shoes mail art call... and I can imagine the mailartist of this shoes mail art call received my hummingbird... It's OK Anne, I like your shoes collage too!

This time she sent two ATCs, very beautiful, but, as she told me herself, she knows they're not hummingbirds, kind of parrots, but they remind her hummingbirds for colors and theme; I like it too, is beautiful!

The first one is the parrots one and the flowers (orquids) are in the second one, the two ATCs go together.

Aren't they beautiful?...


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