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"Yo vengo de todas partes, y hacia todas partes voy Arte entre las artes, y en el monte, monte soy". José Martí

Friday, December 08, 2006

La Mouette (Benedicte CARRAZ) Hummingbird

From La Mouette (Benedicte CARRAZ, France) a beautiful hummingbird (and orquidea stamps!). A very beautiful mail art/envelope...

My Mail Art: for the project "Narcolepsia" of Laura Evert

For the project [N]ART, of Laura Evert. My interpretation of Narcolepsia...

My Mail Art: "Maternidad" for Lilo

"Maternidad" for Lilo, who will give birth in a few days...

My mail art: "Dog" for Fabrice Fosse


My mail art: "Autoretrato # 1" for Fabrice Fosse

Autoretrato 1 (Selfportrait #1).

My Mail art: Sara, for Sophie B.

This is my friend Sara:

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

My mail art: Here they come! for Kat

Here they come! A picture from one of my series -here from serie "on the clouds En las nubes"- for Kat.

My mail art: Miami's cars, for KAT. Nov 06

Miami's cars... For Kat.

Eric Coraboeuf (Hummingbirds -Colibri 3-)

The third hummingbird I receive from Eric Coraboeuf (Paris, France); as usual a piece of art, I love it, thanks again!...

Allani (Hummingbird)

Received from Allani (Sumner, WA, USA): "Hummingbird, jewel of creation" (yes they are!). A very beautiful piece!

Lex Loeb (Aliens and other things mail art...)

Received from Lex Loeb, in an enveloppe full of things... Thanks!
Very funny and interesting work... And postcards.

and Marilyn Monroe...

Friday, November 10, 2006

Nicole Eippers -PIGGY ONE- (CUBA 2)

A new participation from PIGGY ONE (Nicole Eippers, Belgium) for my project CUBA.
Even if I don't like the characters in the pictures... I like and really appreciate this collage mail art. (Thanks Nicole!).

My MAIL ART: Bicycle sculpture for Eric Coraboeuf

A bicycle inspiration for Eric Coraboeuf (Paris, France)

My MAIL ART: Miam! for Chalo Iwasaki

My participation to Chalo's Iwasaki (Japan) project, Miam! (What are we eating tonight?).

My MAIL ART: Cuba 50's, for Eric Coraboeuf

A participation to the Eric Coraboeuf's project about the 50's (Annees 50. Eric Coraboeuf, Paris, France. Check his blogs! links on the side). This is Cuban 50's.

MY MAIL ART: Immigration

My second participation to... our project... IMMIGRATION (please check it at
"Immigration form".

Jenny (Hummingbirds)

A very beautiful (very beautiful, one of my favorites, Jenny... Merci!) hummingbird received from Jenny, Nanterre, France.

THE (Hummingbirds)

A beautiful hummingbirds mail art, inspired by Dan Witz. From THE, France.

Fabie (Hummingbirds)

A very beautiful piece received from Fabie, France. (Colibri, broderie au point de croix).

Mouche (Juliette Moulin) Hummingbirds

Envelope received from MOUCHE (Juliette Moulin) France. (Colibris)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

My mail art: new pigs for... Nicole Eippers, Miss Piggy!

Two mail arts I sent to Nicole for her -always ongoing!- PIGS project.

The Wow Pig

My mail art: For ALYONKA PROJECT Oct 06

My participation to the ALYONKA project, for Ivan Zemtsov, (Yoshkar-Ola, Russia).

Project around Alyonka, the little girl from Russian chocolate brand. Very sweet and beautiful project. I discovered Alyonka when I heard about the project... and felt in love with this beautiful little face...
This is my interpretation.

Joseph A. Uphoff, Jr -"Metaphorical Hummingbirds"-

From Joseph A. Uphoff, Jr, from Colorado Springs, USA.
"Metaphorical Hummingbirds"

Eric Coraboeuf (Annees 50 -The 50's- 2)

A new mail art I received from Eric Coraboeuf, from his project about the 50's, "Acides gras essentiels".

Scott Ray Randall "Dada Hummingbird"

"Dada Hummingbird".
A mail art I received from Scott Ray Randall, -Sacramento, California-.

Nicole Eippers (Hummingbirds, 3 and 4!!!)

New mail arts -two more!- for my project Hummingbirds -Colibris-, from Nicole Eippers (PIGGY), Belgium.

The second one is a new inspiration (collage) from the Schweppes campaign.

Battered Ink -Elizabeth Beltz- Hummingbird

Very beautiful and original mail art I received from Battered Ink -Elizabeth Beltz- Stillwater, Minnesota, USA for my project "Hummingbird".

new mail arts

As usual... I'm a little late updating my blog...! Thanks to all of you, again I've been receiving very beautiful things...

I've been doing some new mail arts too and... I have some "in their way..." -If I didn't answer yours yet I'm probably on it...!- life life life... Always things to do...

Here are the last creations:

Saturday, September 30, 2006

C. Lou (Colibri)

A mail art I received today from C. Lou, from Louisville, Kentucky (USA), for my Hummingbirds mail art call.

Kat (Alice in Wonderland mail art)

This is a mail art I received from Kat, and... I forgot to post before! I received it like 10 days ago. Sorry Kat...!

I love it! She sent a picture (the mushrooms of Alice...) and a fridge magnet (a very original mail art...!) -"Wonderland chess faces"- in a beautiful envelope.

"One side will make you grow taller and the other side will make you grow shorter..."


Friday, September 29, 2006

ARCA -Patricia Volckaert- (Colibri)

This is a mail art I just received from ARCA, France, for my Hummingbirds mail art call. A very sweet and beautiful piece...

My mail art: this is for Eric Coraboeuf. Paris

This is a mail art I did for Eric Coraboeuf; as he is from Paris and loves Paris, and I saw he takes very beautiful pictures of the city, I sent to Eric a "Paris" mail art, with two pictures I took in Paris in july 2005.