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"Yo vengo de todas partes, y hacia todas partes voy Arte entre las artes, y en el monte, monte soy". José Martí

Friday, November 10, 2006

Nicole Eippers -PIGGY ONE- (CUBA 2)

A new participation from PIGGY ONE (Nicole Eippers, Belgium) for my project CUBA.
Even if I don't like the characters in the pictures... I like and really appreciate this collage mail art. (Thanks Nicole!).

My MAIL ART: Bicycle sculpture for Eric Coraboeuf

A bicycle inspiration for Eric Coraboeuf (Paris, France)

My MAIL ART: Miam! for Chalo Iwasaki

My participation to Chalo's Iwasaki (Japan) project, Miam! (What are we eating tonight?).

My MAIL ART: Cuba 50's, for Eric Coraboeuf

A participation to the Eric Coraboeuf's project about the 50's (Annees 50. Eric Coraboeuf, Paris, France. Check his blogs! links on the side). This is Cuban 50's.

MY MAIL ART: Immigration

My second participation to... our project... IMMIGRATION (please check it at
"Immigration form".

Jenny (Hummingbirds)

A very beautiful (very beautiful, one of my favorites, Jenny... Merci!) hummingbird received from Jenny, Nanterre, France.

THE (Hummingbirds)

A beautiful hummingbirds mail art, inspired by Dan Witz. From THE, France.

Fabie (Hummingbirds)

A very beautiful piece received from Fabie, France. (Colibri, broderie au point de croix).

Mouche (Juliette Moulin) Hummingbirds

Envelope received from MOUCHE (Juliette Moulin) France. (Colibris)