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"Yo vengo de todas partes, y hacia todas partes voy Arte entre las artes, y en el monte, monte soy". José Martí

Saturday, September 30, 2006

C. Lou (Colibri)

A mail art I received today from C. Lou, from Louisville, Kentucky (USA), for my Hummingbirds mail art call.

Kat (Alice in Wonderland mail art)

This is a mail art I received from Kat, and... I forgot to post before! I received it like 10 days ago. Sorry Kat...!

I love it! She sent a picture (the mushrooms of Alice...) and a fridge magnet (a very original mail art...!) -"Wonderland chess faces"- in a beautiful envelope.

"One side will make you grow taller and the other side will make you grow shorter..."


Friday, September 29, 2006

ARCA -Patricia Volckaert- (Colibri)

This is a mail art I just received from ARCA, France, for my Hummingbirds mail art call. A very sweet and beautiful piece...

My mail art: this is for Eric Coraboeuf. Paris

This is a mail art I did for Eric Coraboeuf; as he is from Paris and loves Paris, and I saw he takes very beautiful pictures of the city, I sent to Eric a "Paris" mail art, with two pictures I took in Paris in july 2005.

My Mail art: projet Pere Noel Sophie Blachet

This is my participation to the project add and return "Projet Pere Noel", new Sophie's mail art call.
This is "Papa Noel Tropical"...

Daniela Rodi (Colibri)

A serie of drawings -really beautiful too- I received from Daniela Rodi, Argentina (La Pampa).

Gracias Daniela! Me encantaron tus dibujos.
the envelope
the presentationthe serie.

Antoñana Fernanda (Colibri)

These are three mail art I received from Antoñana Fernanda, from Argentina (La Pampa). Three beautiful art pieces...

Antoñana, gracias por estos dibujos que son bellezas, me encantaron!

Eric Coraboeuf (Hummingbirds -Colibri 2-)

Another (beautiful!... I love it) mail art from Eric Coraboeuf (Hummingbirds -Colibris-).

Carlos Botana (Colibri)

A mail art received from Carlos Botana, Coruna, Spain. A very beautiful one.

Gracias Carlos por este retrato de Mujer-Colibri!

the envelope.

Eric Coraboeuf (Annees 50 -The 50's)

I received a mail art from Eric Coraboeuf from his project (one of his projects...), about the 50s... (Special Annees 50).

Giovanni and Renata StaDa Da -Colibri??-

Giovanni and Renata StaDa Da -Cuba-

Recieved from Giovanni and Renata StaDa Da, Ravenna Italy.

Anne Braunsweig (Cuba..., or almost!)

Anne Braunsweig sent this postcard to me, from Albuquerque, New Mexico. The blue sky reminded her it could be a Cuban sky (but Anne, not with all these balloons...!).

But the poscard is great, thank you!

Saturday, September 23, 2006


I just realized I put my "Cuba" mail art call in a lot of places... but in my blog... Valeria, vaya... So here it is, MAIL ART CALL CUBA:

CUBA. Your impressions, thoughts, feelings, love, hate… Past, present or future. It could be anything. Free technique and size.
Just specify why Cuba inspired you.
Deadline: 12/31/06.
I will answer your theme.
Send me your mail art at:

Valeria Zunzún
1412 Euclid ave apt 15

I will publish all the mail art I receive in my blog.

CUBA. Sus impresiones, pensamientos, sentimientos, amor, odio, recuerdos… Pasado, presente o futuro. Lo que ustedes decidan. Técnica y tamaño libres.
Sólo mencionen por qué Cuba les inspiró.
Fecha límite: 31/12/06.
Contestaré su tema a cambio.
Mándenme su mail art a la siguiente dirección:

Valeria Zunzún
1412 Euclid ave apt 15

Publicaré el mail art recibido en mi blog.

CUBA. Vos impressions, pensées, sentiments, amour, haine, souvenirs… Passé, présent ou futur. Ce que vous voulez. Technique et taille libres.
Mentionnez seulement pourquoi Cuba vous a inspiré.
Date limite: 31/12/06.
Je répondrai à votre thème en retour.
Envoyez-moi votre mail art à l’adresse suivante:

Valeria Zunzún
1412 Euclid ave apt 15

Je publierai le mail art reçu sur mon blog.

Friday, September 22, 2006

My mail art: Shar-pei and Hummingbird, for Denis Charmot

A mail art I sent to Denis Charmot (France). A Shar-pei -he loves Shar-peis- and a hummingbird:


My mail art for Valerie Rouch

In answer to her mail art, this is my participation to her project, "Soyons tous timbrés!" It's all about stamps, but there is a funny "jeu de mot" too because in French "timbrés" can mean "stamped" but it also means "mad"...
Anyway, I did my first "artistamp" here!...

My mail art: Deseos -Wishes- for Luis Diaz Garcia

This is my answer to Luis Diaz Garcia (Spain), my participation to his mail art project, "Deseos" (Wishes).

Luis Diaz Garcia (Colibri)

This is a mail art (collage and painting) I received from Luis Diaz Garcia, a very beautiful piece too. (For my Hummingbirds mail art call, -of course!-)

Anne Braunsweig (Hummingbirds, or almost!)

Here is the second mail art I receive from Anne Braunsweig, Alburquerque, USA. For the first one she told me she got confused and sent me her mail art for the Shoes mail art call... and I can imagine the mailartist of this shoes mail art call received my hummingbird... It's OK Anne, I like your shoes collage too!

This time she sent two ATCs, very beautiful, but, as she told me herself, she knows they're not hummingbirds, kind of parrots, but they remind her hummingbirds for colors and theme; I like it too, is beautiful!

The first one is the parrots one and the flowers (orquids) are in the second one, the two ATCs go together.

Aren't they beautiful?...

Valerie Rouch (Colibri -Hummingbirds-)

Here is an envelope received from Valerie Rouch, France. I think it's for my mail art call "Hummingbirds".

Nicole Eippers (Hummingbirds, 2)

Another mail art received from Nicole Eippers, Belgium. (Hummingbirds).

The envelope:

The card:

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Manuel RUIZ RUIZ. Cuba

Mail art from Manuel Ruiz, Granada, Spain, "Cuba".

Manuel RUIZ RUIZ. Colibri

Here is a very beautiful mail art I received from Manuel RUIZ RUIZ, from Granada, Spain. This is his answer for the mail art I sent him (Granada).

Manuel RUIZ RUIZ es pintor y critico de arte, de Granada.

News... new mail arts received... and done

I'm a little behind... ups... Sorry.
I'll publish now the mail arts I've received lately, and some I did too...

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all the pieces I received... and I'm still receiving. Some very very beautiful pieces, thank you... I do my best to send something -I hope as beautiful too...- back.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Bhavna (Hummingbirds)

This is a mail art received from Bhavna, (Albany, NY). A hummingbird with south Indian spirit...

It's a very beautiful handmade card.

Friday, September 08, 2006

My mail art: Salvador Dali, sept 06

For Salvador Dali's centenary (that was in... 2004...) but I hope the mail art call is "still alive..." -no deadline...-, for the International Union of Mailartits agency, Poland.

My last Mail arts 2 (september 06)

ALICE IN WONDERLAND for Kat Van Trollebol, Netherlands.

IMMIGRATION, for... our own project -with Sophie Blachet-, "Immigration".

My last Mail arts (september 06)

These are my last creations... (september 06)

FAMOUS PIGS for Nicole Eippers, Belgium.