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Sunday, October 22, 2006

My mail art: new pigs for... Nicole Eippers, Miss Piggy!

Two mail arts I sent to Nicole for her -always ongoing!- PIGS project.

The Wow Pig

My mail art: For ALYONKA PROJECT Oct 06

My participation to the ALYONKA project, for Ivan Zemtsov, (Yoshkar-Ola, Russia).

Project around Alyonka, the little girl from Russian chocolate brand. Very sweet and beautiful project. I discovered Alyonka when I heard about the project... and felt in love with this beautiful little face...
This is my interpretation.

Joseph A. Uphoff, Jr -"Metaphorical Hummingbirds"-

From Joseph A. Uphoff, Jr, from Colorado Springs, USA.
"Metaphorical Hummingbirds"

Eric Coraboeuf (Annees 50 -The 50's- 2)

A new mail art I received from Eric Coraboeuf, from his project about the 50's, "Acides gras essentiels".

Scott Ray Randall "Dada Hummingbird"

"Dada Hummingbird".
A mail art I received from Scott Ray Randall, -Sacramento, California-.

Nicole Eippers (Hummingbirds, 3 and 4!!!)

New mail arts -two more!- for my project Hummingbirds -Colibris-, from Nicole Eippers (PIGGY), Belgium.

The second one is a new inspiration (collage) from the Schweppes campaign.

Battered Ink -Elizabeth Beltz- Hummingbird

Very beautiful and original mail art I received from Battered Ink -Elizabeth Beltz- Stillwater, Minnesota, USA for my project "Hummingbird".

new mail arts

As usual... I'm a little late updating my blog...! Thanks to all of you, again I've been receiving very beautiful things...

I've been doing some new mail arts too and... I have some "in their way..." -If I didn't answer yours yet I'm probably on it...!- life life life... Always things to do...

Here are the last creations: