Valeria Zunzún

"Yo vengo de todas partes, y hacia todas partes voy Arte entre las artes, y en el monte, monte soy". José Martí

Friday, December 08, 2006

La Mouette (Benedicte CARRAZ) Hummingbird

From La Mouette (Benedicte CARRAZ, France) a beautiful hummingbird (and orquidea stamps!). A very beautiful mail art/envelope...

My Mail Art: for the project "Narcolepsia" of Laura Evert

For the project [N]ART, of Laura Evert. My interpretation of Narcolepsia...

My Mail Art: "Maternidad" for Lilo

"Maternidad" for Lilo, who will give birth in a few days...

My mail art: "Dog" for Fabrice Fosse


My mail art: "Autoretrato # 1" for Fabrice Fosse

Autoretrato 1 (Selfportrait #1).

My Mail art: Sara, for Sophie B.

This is my friend Sara:

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

My mail art: Here they come! for Kat

Here they come! A picture from one of my series -here from serie "on the clouds En las nubes"- for Kat.

My mail art: Miami's cars, for KAT. Nov 06

Miami's cars... For Kat.

Eric Coraboeuf (Hummingbirds -Colibri 3-)

The third hummingbird I receive from Eric Coraboeuf (Paris, France); as usual a piece of art, I love it, thanks again!...

Allani (Hummingbird)

Received from Allani (Sumner, WA, USA): "Hummingbird, jewel of creation" (yes they are!). A very beautiful piece!

Lex Loeb (Aliens and other things mail art...)

Received from Lex Loeb, in an enveloppe full of things... Thanks!
Very funny and interesting work... And postcards.

and Marilyn Monroe...